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COVID-19 hit us all out of the blue. It is a very difficult time when people are losing their loved ones, medical workers struggle to keep up with the overwhelming number of patients, institutions are closing, and mass panic outweighs facts. Despite it all, there is a silver lining. It is heartening to see that people come together and spread kindness during the coronavirus outbreak: applaud medical staff, construction companies donate face masks, volunteers offer to help elderly with grocery shopping, uplift communities by singing and dancing from balconies. As an art community, we have the ability to heal and inspire through our art. Therefore, we started the “Art is Healing” project, to help overcome such a mentally exhausting time. 


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In order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have to practice social distancing and quarantine. For many, this can be especially challenging, and consequently, develop anxiety, anger, sleep disturbances, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, this is the better choice than not having the option to isolate yourself. Medical workers, retail workers, and many others are risking their own health to ensure life can go on. Regardless of your situation, it is an alarming time for all of us. 



Benefits of viewing art

The arts support physical, mental, and emotional recovery, relieving anxiety, and decreasing the perception of pain. Viewing art for 35 minutes or longer can reduce stress levels. People who visit art museums often display higher social tolerance and increased empathy. Moreover, the brain releases dopamine while observing an artwork. Visual arts help relieve mental exhaustion and restore focus.


Sign up below if you feel that an artwork could help you or a person you know to cope with and overcome mental health issues!


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Benefits of creating art

Creativity can uplift your mood by making you feel productive while creating something from nothing. It was revealed, in a study published by the National Center of Biotechnology Information, that our control over emotional pain and depression is significantly enhanced by creativity. In an environment where the people often feel out of control, the arts can be a healing tool, which reduces stress and loneliness by providing opportunities for self-expression.


This call is for all of the CREATIVE SOULS who would like to participate in our project. To spread warmth, healing, and kindness by voluntarily creating art! Send us an email at to get a consultation on your artworks and how YOU can gift your art to those in need! Please, contact us even if you do not create or are able to give away artworks but want to spread the uplifting message in another creative way!


Send Us An Email at with your :

1. First and last name.

2. Write the phone number you use the most.

3. Subject line - Benefits of viewing art

5. Explanation in the message WHY you want to participate, which art piece you want to give away + attached picture of the artwork, as well as links to your social media pages.




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