Coworking spaces around the world

Coworking spaces around the world


The impact that art has on our emotions and behaviors is often underestimated, especially when it comes to office spaces. An office is a hub of productivity, motivation, and creativity all in one place. 


Splashes of color in a painting can address key challenges of businesses such as reducing stress, increasing creativity and encouraging the expression of opinions. Not just the staff but a workplace needs to offer utility, aesthetical pleasure and intrinsic motivation to the clients as well.


 WeWork Office space via Deezen  


WeWork, an American coworking space for technology entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups, features artworks in most of its office, lounge and shared spaces. This is due to the effect of art on the emotions of people. Art can create a sense of comfort in the workplace while achieving enthusiasm. 


Art helps in alter the mood of a meeting room or a piece of unusual artwork can provide a talking point in a bland corporate space. Viewing artwork can help workers restore mental energy and reduce stress which can boost brain performance.