Art in Brand Promotion

Art in Brand Promotion

The power of visual art lies on the hand of the holders and those using it wisely can turn it into a powerful tool to promote themselves. Today’s business world witnesses the new collaboration between art and business.  We have seen the notable successful business collaborations between Absolut Vodka and Andy Warhol Foundation, in which the power of Andy Warhol’s artistic influence was used to promote both Absolut Vodka and the Andy Warhol Foundation, making it a win-win collaboration. We have also seen the collaboration between the famous fashion company, UNIQLO, and the Museum of Modern Art to make modern-art fashion product with their purpose to strengthen correlation between art and fashion. And many more proven cases that show us the opportunity of art is for the taking.

Absolut Vodka - Andy Warhol Edition

In the world of B2B, partners perceive each other in a different way than how business perceive consumers in a B2C model. However, the journal Social Neuroscience published an article “Are corporations people too?” in 2014, which indicate that the relationship in B2B culture is not so much different than that of B2C. In other words, partners in B2B are not cold, inhuman corporation but rather a group of people driven by emotions and values.

That being said, the use of art in brand building is powerful in that it can provide a humanized picture for your partners. By doing so, partners can see businesses in a approachable and relatable manner, positively reinforcing your relationship towards each other. Essentially, art can personalize a brand and approach the customers with friendliness and intimacy than the usually mechanical approach of treating partners as alliance

The powerful benefits of art in brand awareness and brand promotion doesn’t lie only in the use of art as a physical marketing tools. It spreads further in the financial investment of companies in art programs, museums and many artistic entities. By investing in the philanthropic activities, the company can raise positive, ethical, responsible and sustainable brand image of both themselves and the art community and the general community. This ultimately create a unique competitive advantage.

How to use art in brand

There are many ways that you can harness art to positive benefits for your company.

Product launch, enlisting the help of an artist to help package and advertise your product is a strong way to introduce art into the mix. The adaptability and artistic versatility of artists and the proven feature of your products can make your products stand unique among others. For example, Volvo invited Jean - Claude Van Damme to demonstrate the power of their product through the one-of-a-kind leg spread of the Belgian actors.   

Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme 

Another safe way to use art is through limited edition. Just like the case of Absolut Vodka, you can them to test the reaction of a brand image with low risk and minor changes, because limited-edition products are produced in a scale much smear than normal one, which provides the producer with infinite opportunity to try out new ideas.

Art Prize: this is a way with obvious benefits for both artist and company. By naming the work of art as the prize during the promotion strategy, it can boost the image and the revenue of both the company and the artists.

Corporate social responsibility: this is a long-term marketing strategy that can reap long-term benefits for the company in both term of brand and internal company, provided that you are willing to go an extra mile. This can range from investment in art program, art museums and art events to the integration of art in art in the company and the opening in art foundation, all of which involves the engagement of company in art community specifically.  

Art as gifts to your clients: using art as a gift to your clients is one of the most effective way to fortify the relationship of your clients, as gifted artworks will create long lasting impression in terms of monetary investment, artistic value and hidden meaning.

Art hanging in the office/hallways/reception:  the experience of your clients when doing business in your head office can be enhanced by placing art in the spot of your office, that you and your business partners will walk through or have a meeting and discuss. The art you choose to hang can establish a positive brand image towards your partners.