Best Interior Design themes for the Office

Best Interior Design themes for the Office

Every office or workplace demands a convivial atmosphere, be it a home office, studio, or law office. For any office, the reception is the starting point in attracting clients by making them feel confident and comfortable in their choice. Always remember that the reception and conference room provide clients with a strong first impression of your company. Not just the clients but a workplace needs to offer utility, aesthetical pleasure and intrinsic motivation to the managers and other staff as well. When we think of an office, we conjure up images of productivity, motivation, and creativity all in one place. However, it is possible to get distracted during office hours and slack off. If the working hours become excessively routine, getting distracted can be unavoidable. Yet, interactive artworks around the working place can help address this key challenge and offer a solution in the form of engagement and intrigue.


Psychologists have agreed that color can alter the mood and emotions of people. Artworks with different splashes of color can foster extreme productivity and creativity in the workplace rather than a bland corporate environment. In fact, according to an article published in the Guardian, researchers found that artworks in the workplace also help in reducing stress, increasing creativity, and encouraging the expression of opinions as conceded by a number of employees. You can also introduce these elements in the workspace depending on the outlook you are approaching for.


Even though a home interior is particularly cozier and relaxing and a productive, energizing corporate interior contradicts the tranquil vibe of home spaces, adding a touch of home can make for a more productive and welcoming work environment. An office that is spacious and open can undoubtedly improve workflow and communication. White room blended with gray tones of neutrality can, in fact, make the office space feel open. As a go-to neutral for most designers, the soft shade of gray imbues a room with character yet tranquility. Try investing in gray artworks for the white office space to add a sense of sleekness or modernity to the workplace. However, you need to be cautious while working with this color because it can make a room look depressed if used incorrectly. Texture such as the use of indoor plants is another aspect that can be supplemented in the office space to achieve a home-office combination.

Home & Office Combination with I See It All Painting



Drawing inspiration from Kayak, one of the most popular travel search engines, it can be found that orange is one of the colors that work very well in an office space. The workplace of Kayak utilizes a predominately white interior highlighted with monochromatic shades in the interior furnishings and bold and repetitive splashes of orange. As a blend between the physical (red) and emotional (yellow) colors, orange works in creating a sense of comfort while achieving enthusiasm in the workplace. It fosters a hive of activity, warmth, and attention. There is a strong sense of energy in the workplace of Kayak which facilitates workflow and communication. Consider investing in orange artworks in your workplace to achieve a sense of alacrity and beat the constant distractions. 

Decorate INNOVATIVE TECH OFFICE with Orient Painting




While looking to design a workspace which provides an emphasis on relaxation and nonchalance, you would find green to be a perfect choice. Green is a cool color that symbolizes nature and the natural world and also fosters a concept of sustainability and continuity. This color particularly represents tranquility and good luck and helps in relieving the stress of the employees or clients. So, if you are designing in a spa, this color would be the perfect choice for you. However, you can also use green artworks in the hallways or break rooms of workplaces to relax, socialize, or just recharge for the day ahead. It can help achieve a sense of relaxation in between work hours. Many interior designers also use this color as a means to improve reading ability and because of its calming effect on its viewers. Take a look at our collection of artworks with this shade of cool color. 




Despite green, bright lighting and warm welcoming colors can also provide a sense of restoration and relaxation in the workplace. Yellow is one color that can be highlighted in artworks to represent a sense of creativity, confidence, and optimism. An office space with warm colors, white furniture and colorful everything else can stimulate positivity and efficiency and add an informal touch to the place. Blue, in fact, is another color which blends well in the office space. As an intellectual color, it represents trust, communication, and efficiency and can be used as a primary color in rooms that specifically require focus and mental strain. Consider painting the walls with this shade in these rooms. However, this color can also be used as an accent to tie a white room together and you can achieve this by investing in artworks of this shade.

BRIGHT AND COLORFUL OFFICE SPACES with In The Middle Of The Night Painting



The physical atmosphere of the office should reinforce the brand and identity of the company you’re working in. For a small firm focusing on individuals and family matters, soft chairs, interactive artworks, and a vase of flowers can convey a feeling of warmth and comfort where clients can feel at ease and at home. However, the best approach for larger firms with corporate clienteles is to aim for a formal and ostentatious outlook with coffee machines, up-to-date technology, and interactive artworks.