Meeting at the Slovak embassy in Netherlands

Meeting at the Slovak embassy in Netherlands

One of the most memorable moments of our journey so far has to be our visit to the Slovak Embassy.

We were invited to visit them in Den Haag on Friday, April 13th. When we reached there, we were welcomed warmly by the staff and after a short wait, greeted by the First Secretary and Deputy Ambassador herself, Dana Hulková. During our conversation, We introduced Victory Art to her and explained what our vision was for the future of artists in Eastern and Central Europe. We highlighted the importance of providing artists from the region an opportunity to prove themselves and they agreed. Read about the development of Eastern and Central European  contemporary art here.

The Slovak Embassy was really excited about our mission and informed us that they were more than willing to help us. We discussed the ways we could collaborate together but since they are still in the works you will have to wait. We hope not too long though!



Victory Art team continued to work hard. New talented artists joined us, we organised several exhibitions and networking events, we collaborated with female-owned businesses, and created more of egaging content for you! We got published in Slovak Forbes! Read about the beggining of our journey in English here or Slovak here!

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