Consultancy For Artists


Portfolio Consultancy

You have a lot of questions that are holding you back from getting to the next step in your career but you don’t need coaching on a monthly base. In a consultancy session, we give you feedback about your portfolio and help you with your challenges at that moment.

Branding Consultancy

Your social media presence is a pivotal extension of your career as an artist and your brand’s identity. While you know your brand inside and out, we know how, where and when to share your story to produce tangible results. With help from our social media experts, your voice is loud and clear.


Why Victory Art?

1. Contact with the art market

We will take the responsibility to help you exhibit and sell your artwork and designs to various organizations in the art market. We stay in contact with the clients and inform you if someone is interested.

2. Promotion and communication

We help you with recognition to your artworks by promoting your artworks on our social media

3. Advisory services

Victory Art will provide you advisory service from picking out the right artworks for your portfolio to pricing. The first consultation is always free!

4. Time and cooperation

We are here at your service. All of the tasks regarding sale are our responsibility. So fret not, and contact us with questions and problems. We are here to ensure that your career goes smoothly by the time you keep creating your art!

5. Exhibition

We offer our artists different exhibiting spaces across the country. So join us and exhibit your work outside the borders of your country.

6. Community

Not only would you be able to gain recognition but you would also meet other struggling artists from Central and Eastern Europe. Connect with other people in your industry.


How to be on our platform?

1.  Tell us your story

Often people make purchase decisions based on the story conveyed by artworks. Tell us your story. What inspired you to become an artist? Who are you as an artist? We would love to get to know everything behind your journey.

2.  Send us your portfolio

Sending us photos of your most inspired work of art can go a long way. Do not forget to include relevant information such as size, medium, material, price.

3.  Communicate your work

Help us understand the inspiration behind your pieces. What encouraged you to create this particular art piece?

Make sure to include your contact email and phone number in your portfolio. We aim to respond to all queries as soon as possible. After we receive your portfolio, we will forward it to our curator who makes the decision. If everything goes well, you’ll become part of the Victory Art family!