Viktoria Dębińska

I was born in Konin in 1995, in a city in the center of Poland. Since 2015 I studied Graphic Art at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. My specialization is intaglio and I finished my master's degree in this technique. I use basic techniques like aquatint and etching but also I prefer more complicated things like sugar lift and salt tint. Except for metal techniques, I work also in serigraphy, linocut, lithography, and painting. In my artworks, I focus on architecture, geometry, and social problems. At this moment the most important problem for me is home and block housing estates in Poland. Since 2018 I run artistic workshops as a part of the cultural project Wędrowny Zakład Kultury (Wandering Cultural Institute). In these workshops, I teach painting, drawing, mural painting, linocut, and the basics of bookbinding. We help people from the countryside to develop their passions and new skills.




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