Astral Monument

Size: 80x100x2cm

Medium: Oil

Material: Canvas

Get to know the artist:
Jakub Ječmínek
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About artist

I started to paint in 1998. I wrote many poems and drew many small pictures before. Mainly in surrealistic style and later abstract also. Art came to me from nature. Since my childhood I had a lot of imagination and one day I found that I can paint portrait. That was surprise for me and the beginning of great responsibility.
I studied (and still do) humanities - philosophy, psychology and anthropology. Dew to my perception of the world which was always different than other people and my many big questions.
Now I am full time artist with clear visions fot the future and with my own signature styles. I have freed myself from any job and it gives my art great freedom. 
My art is inspired by nature and cosm. I work with our inner space, nature arround us and nature which we couldn´t see by eyes. My abstract pieces are based on observation of parallel realities where cosmic principles are demonstrated. I work on it using oil or my own developed techniques of using acrylic colors, raw pigments and mediums together. Some paintings are made without usage of brushes and how I do that, It´s secret.
For my landscape and nature artworks I use impressionistic and expressionistic methods. I work with wide range of colors which I mix before each painting. I give things different colors than they really have and work with harmony. 
I aim to connect abstract with real and paint nature with its inner energy and spirit.
Thank you for your interest in my art.
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