Invisible threat

Photography > Pop art > Landscape

Size : 42x42cm

Medium : Ink

Material : paper


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Invisible threat

Digital photo collage / Archival giclee print

Limited edition of 10


About artist

Visual artist/ camp conceptualist born in Bratislava, Mima is currently living and practicing in Brighton, UK and obtained Masters in Fine Art from the University of Brighton in 2015.

Growing up in post-socialist Slovakia in the 90s and being exposed to western toys and MTV has influenced her visual vocabulary and color sensibility. She composes her pieces as visual color-poems. Through engaging with lyrics and writing poetry herself as a part of her creative process, she uses titles to link her visual language she uses to the emotional world of pop songs. Using auto-ethnography as her main methodology, she collects poetry, music, and color and uses them as symbol and gesture in her work. Through practice, she reflects on the elements that have shaped her identity and thus attempts to understand herself and others. She explores the relationship between nationality and identity and asks questions about cultural identity and ones place in society.  Her research focuses on the history of Slovak culture, its mythology and collective identity in the context of artistic expression.