Jellyfish Socks

Be prepared to refresh your sock drawer because you are going to simply love these vividly colored and tremendously comfortable socks that are embellished by the brilliant works of our artists. 

Get to know the artist:
Karolina Hebda
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18 € with VAT 15 € without VAT

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About artist



About the artist


Born in Poland, Karolina creates various styles of paintings. While paying attention to detail and diligence, she finds satisfaction in painting. Every day she finds new challenges and continues to develop herself. Karolina finds great emotional value in her work and is happy to share a little bit of her world with others. Get to know Karolina more here.


  • Jellyfish Bag

    Karolina Hebda | BAGS

    29 € with VAT 24 € without VAT

  • Jellyfish Sweatshirt

    Karolina Hebda | SWEATSHIRTS

    58 € with VAT 48 € without VAT

  • Jellyfish

    Karolina Hebda | Paintings

    1 300 € with VAT 1 083 € without VAT