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Size 70 cm (W) x 70 cm (H) x 2 cm

Medium: Mixed media

Material: Canvas

Year: 2020

Get to know the artist:
Kara L Falk
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studying the sexuality of oneself.
understanding the pathology lying behind every cell of your skin.

it is going to get better. with therapy.

i suffer from borderline personality disorder and this body is mine. not yours



About artist

I used to paint and draw since I was a little kid. I needed to create some kind of world inside my head and painting helped me to do so. I imagined fairy-tale-ish countries and drew faces with huge eyes and teeth.

As an adult, it is still something I need to do to stay alive. I simply have to clean my head and art is like a meditation for me. It keeps me alive when gloomy days knock on my door and hesitate to leave. 

Kara l falk or klf lives in Slovakia, Bratislava. She is a self-taught emerging artist and student of Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She is fond of expressionism, abstraction, conceptual and/or explicit artwork style. Her idea is to experiment and always search for the new techniques. Apart from visual art and music, klf is a poet, a mental health activist and a philosopher of her mind.

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