Size : 40 cm

Medium: Acryl

Material: Fibreboard

Get to know the artist:
Zuzana Vlčková
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About artist

I live in Slovakia in the small town called Topolcany. I like the art since I was a child. As a child, I had a big fantasy and I loved to paint. So I started attending a high school of art and later I continued to study as a student at a college of art. Since that time painting is my passion. My favorite technique of painting is acrylic colors, but for my painting, I am also using glue, oil, gold and silver foil or glitter, etc. as my tools. 

Most of the time I am using flat brushes, but now I also do other techniques such as chisel painting, bear-hand, and sponge painting. I really like to experiment with new techniques and materials for my work. All my pictures are painted from all sides and I also use 2 coats of the shiny clear coat. I would like to divide my work into three categories: 

1. Abstract - where I am using my emotions and this is helping me to create unique pictures. 

2. Animals - I like to paint animals but in surrealist colors. Mostly I am using golden or rainbow colors.

3. Pop art - I started to like this style not long time ago and recently I started to use it. My pop art portraits are in black and white or in bright colors.

My favorite artist is Andy Warhol. I am getting inspiration from my surroundings, from everyday life from, the dreams from the internet, but most inspiration I am getting from my own work. 
Why am I painting? Because I love art and I am following the quote of the life: Do, what makes your soul happy!




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