Paperwork n. 16 — Blue Velvet

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Size: 42 x 29,7 cm (A3)

Medium: Mixed media

Material: Paper

Year: 2020

Get to know the artist:
Lenka Žak
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Paperwork n. 16 — Blue Velvet

Painting: Acrylic, Gesso, Graphite Pencil on 250 g/m² watercolor paper.

BLUE VELVET is the most recent Lenka's collection and features mostly works on paper. As the name itself suggests, the combination of dark blue and black color creates a velvet-like and very elegant appearance, perfect for your minimalistic contemporary home. The BLUE VELVET series is a natural continuation of a VESNA collection, but with the use of fewer materials and more elegant colors, so that the final artworks would be timeless minimalistic. 


Artworks on paper have a big advantage because of the many different framing options. You can make the art larger-looking by adding a mounting board, better showcase the texture with a floating frame, or use a glass instead of a mounting board to create a levitating impression. And of course, you can perfectly match the decor of the frame to your interior.