Sand and Snow

Painting > Abstract expressionism > Abstract

Size : 20x20cm

Medium: Acryl

Material: Canvas

Year: 2019

Get to know the artist:
Lenka Zak
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Sand and Snow

Phenomena of perfection doesn't exist in human life (no matter what you saw on social media). But it does exist in nature, untouched by humans. Artworks from this collection represent distant and hostile places I like to visit in my mind when I want or need to feel the tranquility and absolute calmness. By having these works at your home you can visit those magical places too. Whenever you feel like it.

About artist

Hi there. I'm a self-taught artist, freelance content creator and copywriter from Slovakia based in Prague, Czech republic. Always looking for new ways to express my creativity, I spend every day creating to please the eye, soul or mind. I'm happy to present several pieces from my Fluid collection via Victory art