Kostyantyn Lyzogub Born in 1985 in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2000. - Kharkov Art Lyceum of the Academy.

2008. - graduated from the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts, Faculty of easel painting.

Member of the Youth Union of Artists

 - participated in many national and international exhibitions since 2002.

Many paintings are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.


“My paintings are about loneliness, about human fears, about mental peace and much more. Recently I came to a conclusion that my pictures are autobiographic, they disclose themes, problems, experiences, observations, which I already felt on myself. The paintings reflect my thoughts about the events that i have personally been confronted with, which I feel and experience. The last couple of year I particularly interested in social topics, the status of the soul and how that is affected by the thoughts and personal experiences of people. "


Since 2003, the city party and Ukrainian exhibitions:


2003 - "Fifth Exhibition of creative works of teachers, staff and students of higher academic institutions of Kharkov."

2005 - All-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition. Kiev.

2006 - National exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine". Odessa.

2007 - Winner of the academic drawing. Kiev.

2008 - International Festival of Contemporary Art "Gogol FEST." Kiev.

2010 - Personal exhibition "Paths." gallery "Academy". .Kharkiv.

2010 - exhibition in Italy. (Mestre, Udine)

2011 - personal exhibition "Paths" gallery "Kolo". Kiev.

2012 - Exhibition in Germany (Schifferstadt)

2012 - Participation in the London auction. February 2012

2013 - Exhibitions in China (Beijing)

2015 - Project "Dismorfobiya" Municipal Gallery. Kharkiv.

2015 - Project "Degree of confidence". Ermilov Center. Kharkiv.

2015 - Project "Coefficient of independence". American home. Kiev.

2015 - Project "Transaction". exhibition "Dialogues. Time to hear. " Gallery "Lavra". Kiev.

2015 - All-Ukrainian festival of contemporary art "Feldman Art Park". Kharkiv.

2017 - Odessa Festival of Contemporary Art "Freier Fest"




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