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Why you should have art in the workplace Looking to Decorate Your Workplace? Art Might Be The Answer


When we think of an office, we conjure up images of productivity, motivation, and creativity all in one place. However, if working hours become excessively routine, getting distracted and unmotivated is unavoidable. This key challenge can be addressed with interactive artworks that will give a burst of energy and improve employee productivity while making visiting your office an unforgettable experience for your clients.





Why you should have art in the workplace Victory Art For A Better Interior


Victory Art concentrates on introducing Eastern and Central European artists to the broader international art market. Our well-experienced team works with more than 40 emerging artists from countries like Slovakia, Hungary, Russia and more, to create a distinct selection of excellent artworks for different kinds of interiors. We have organized three successful exhibitions to showcase some of the precious pieces in our collection and are continuously working on bringing the well-deserved attention to these talented individuals.





Why Buy Art?

Why you should have art in the workplace

Art Helps Connect with employees and clients

Art encourages discussion and stimulates imagination, creativity and intellect. As a result, it is an integral tool to encourage motivated and productive employees. Improving employees’ job performance as well as the ability to communicate with each other, art creates a space where connecting with each other is natural, relaxed and dynamic. And the employees are not the only ones benefitting from that. 

Bank of America has found art helps connect with the public. Their belief is that arts matter, assisting individuals across cultures to connect, educate and enrich each other, as well as being a potent force for economic thrive. The bank supports more than 2,000 art organizations worldwide providing inspirational and educational subsistence, creating jobs, and supporting local businesses with substantial revenue creation. A further connection with their clients and supporters is established with free museum visits and effectively delivered message about their cherished values and mission.


Art compliments and strengthens brand identity

Art compliments and strengthens your brand

Art is a useful tool helping companies to differentiate from each other and communicate their own unique characteristics to their employees, clients and the general public. The offices and businesses can be personalized with the right art pieces. In the case of Campbell Soup Company, whose headquarters were long decorated with antique soup tureens, corporate identity in the form of art was applied in quite a literal, yet clever way.

Swiss bank UBS’ art collection, mainly containing pieces by emerging artists, reflects the company’s philosophy “to support living artists at integral stages of their career,” (Jacqueline Lewis – the bank’s curator). Every year or two, the works are rotated between UBS locations which often causes employees who have grown attached to certain art pieces, to be frustrated once it leaves. This goes to show how much employees truly value this addition in an office and relate themselves to the carefully chosen art pieces and the company itself.

Art collections are efficient marketing tools and help businesses stand apart from each other. It may just be the necessary step to acquire more customers wishing to "buy into" particular corporate’s identity.


Art Improves the workplace

Art creates a better workplace

Physical environment inevitably has an impact on employees’ mentality, especially if they have to spend 40 hours a week in that space. Art can be an “instant fix” towards making company spaces look attractive and create a stimulating environment where employees would enjoy working it. It is an essential element of the interior’s overall décor. The welcoming environment created for employees as well as clients breaks up plain walls and relieves the potential visual boredom.

American Enterprise Group newly renovated headquarters’ interior embraces art pieces from AEG collection to spark up their otherwise plain white walls with intriguing and mind-evoking paintings.






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