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Art is not merely a decoration but rather a tool with a strong impact on the body and mind. It is proven that looking at an art piece not only reduces stress but also increases dopamine, making us feel happier. In addition, art can help in expressing one's personality and interests. For, after all, art is the highest form of human expression. 

Our mission here at Victory Art is to help you find the right artwork for you. You'll be able to discover over 40 artists, each with a unique story and style that will resonate with you. Each artwork is unique, so, they will be personal just to you. 



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Our mission at Victory Art is to not only help you find an artwork that best fits your needs and style but also make the process easy. Take full advantage of our wide services to help you find one

  • Explore the full range of our artworks. We have already pre categorized all the artworks so you can easily find what you want.
  • Not sure if you want to commit to an artwork? No problem. Rent the artworks for as low as 20 euros a month to try it before you buy it
  • Do you get bored too easily? Rotate your art every 3-6 months by hiring art
  • On the hunt for the perfect piece. Why not get our artists to create it for you?
  • Still lost? We are here to help. Contact our consultancy services for collection curation, curatorial development or just finding the right piece for your dresser. The first consultation is ALWAYS free. 




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Art with an Impact: Introducing the Deafblind Artists of Majak


When Maják, a deaf-blind residency in Slovakia, first introduced their residents to art, they didn’t fully expect the impact it would have. Fast forward 15 years and the individuals are masters at communicating their happiness, pain, and frustrations through the canvas, in the most awe-inspiring manner. The final artworks not only uplift their makers but everyone who has a chance to witness them.

Art has a strong inward impact on both its creators and viewers. For our creators, Maják’s art therapy program has helped them communicate themselves better, thus alleviating the frustration of not being able to do so in traditional ways. However, the final artworks are a treat for the viewers as well. Ever wondered how someone with impaired sight would envision the Night Sky? Or Sunrise? It will make your jaw drop!

These artworks were exhibited at ABN AMRO HQ CIRCL in November 2019 and consequently exhibited during our pop-up exhibition during Art Rotterdam Week 2020. 

Earnings from the sale of Maják will be donated back to the art therapy program

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