We heard you’ve been missing events and exhibitions, so we partnered with Roomkey to bring back “in-person” gatherings!




On the 15th of April, we will host our first event with Andrea Ehret! Andrea, as a painter and art therapist, has been on an inspiring journey of innovating her expressive abstract oil painting technique and even created a special collection using 24K Gold powder. Her artworks are now part of private collections and exhibitions around the world.

Join us on the 15th of April at 19:30 CET on the Roomkey platform to meet Andrea and enjoy the new ArtTalk event experience! Free tickets can be secured here: 







"I have always believed art is an extraordinary tool for self-transformation, and so my creative process is an intuitive, balancing act where I constantly lose and find myself over and over again."    

 Andrea Ehret 





Victory Art, in collaboration with Roomkey, has launched a new series of online events called “ArtTalk: Behind the Art”, which will take place twice a month and will host some of our most admired artists. This events series is dedicated to all art lovers looking to get exclusive insights into our artists’ journey, their inspirations, and more details about their art, as well as outlooks into the Eastern European art market!








We also wanted to break away from the boring video format and to allow you to meet all attendees and speakers “in person”. To do so, the events will take place on the innovative Roomkey platform, where you will be represented by your avatar and will be able to walk around the venue and sit at the table together with the other attendees, listening to our guest artists on the stage!