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Why are art seminars interesting for you



We are happy to announce our new online educational seminars. In order to host these sessions, Victory Art has teamed up with professionals from Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland to host several art seminars dedicated to giving artists a helping hand in finding their way in the art industry. The seminars will include many helpful tips and tricks on how you can to develop yourself as an artist and jumpstart your career in the art industry.




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Who are the art seminars for


The art market can be difficult to navigate through without the proper guidance and knowledge, which is why we want to help artists prepare themselves before entering the art world. In these seminars, we will give you the necessary tips to use as a stepping stone to creating your brand as an artist. After implementing the information from these educational sessions, you will be able to enter the art market with confidence.


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What will you learn


To provide the artists with the tools and knowledge that are necessary to get started with their own practice, several art seminars with various topics will be provided.
The seminars will always take place at 19:00 Central European Time (GMT+1). Add it to your agenda here.


01.03.2022: The Art Industry and COVID-19


We will kick off our exciting new seminars with a topic that has affected us all. The pandemic has heavily impacted our daily lives and the art industry. We will also discuss the importance of online galleries and the educational aspects of the art market and diversity. The seminar will also discuss some essential facts on the art industry as an artist.



08.03.2022: Importance of Sustainability


By considering sustainability, you are not only protecting other human beings, but you also help improve the quality of life and the ecosystem. Besides the great impact on our planet, working more sustainably could attract potential customers that also value sustainability. Join this seminar to learn how important this matter is and what you can do!



17.03.2022: Technology in the Art Market and its Benefits


Technology has played a vital role in supporting artists during the pandemic, therefore, we want to tell you everything you should know about the art industry and technology, as this can have a great impact on developing your career.



22.03.2022: Finding Your Artistic Style


As an artist, it can be difficult to find your style and brand as an artist. Being an artist also means being your own boss, which is why we will be teaching you how to view your art career from a business perspective. Furthermore, you will learn the importance of understanding your style and the transparency of pricing in the art market. Additionally, the seminar will discuss the importance of balancing your business and having time to make art.



29.03.2022: From Portfolio Creation to Approaching Galleries - Part 1


Join us in this seminar as we discuss and explain various steps involved in getting your Art into galleries, starting with how to create a portfolio. This seminar will be split into two sessions.



05.04.2022: From Portfolio Creation to Approaching Galleries - Part 2


Join us in this seminar as we discuss and explain various steps involved in getting your Art into galleries, such as the best methods to approach Art galleries. This is the second session for this topic.



12.04.2022: Law in Art


Law is an important but complicated part of the art industry. Rather than spending hours researching, let us do the hardwork and attend our seminar as we introduce and explain various important topics such as copyright transfer and contracts.



19.04.2022: Branding Basics Every Artist Should Know - Part I


Making art is only half the story when it comes to making it in art. When selling artworks, understanding marketing is necessary in ensuring your works find a home. This workshop will take you through all the basics of niche marketing and branding to help you stand out, even when it seems impossible.



26.04.2022: Guide to Safely Shipping Your Work


So, you’ve sold your art, now what? After selling your work, you have to make sure it arrives at its destination safely. In this seminar, you will learn how to properly pack and ship your artworks. You will learn what things to consider and which materials to use in order for your package to arrive safely.


03.05.2022: How to Price Your Art


As an artist, it’s incredibly important to find the right price. You don’t want to underprice your work but you also don’t want to scare your clients away. But what exactly is the right price? In this seminar, you will learn all about how to properly price your artwork and all things you need to consider.


10.05.2022: Branding Basics Every Artist Should Know - Part II


The second part of the branding seminar. This session will walk you through the fundamentals of niche marketing and branding, allowing you to stand out even if it seems practically impossible.


17.05.2022: Art on the Internet


The internet is full of endless opportunities for artists like NFTs but it can also be difficult to navigate. This seminar will focus on the threats like piracy and counterfeit as well as opportunities of putting your art on the internet.





Visegrad Fund

Visegrad Fund


The project named Art education in the post-coronavirus digitized art world in the comprises 12 seminars, one-on-one consultations, and a final online exhibition aimed at artists to help them navigate the art industry, manage their careers successfully and increase their audience in the various countries and is created in collaboration with GJW Gallery, The Chemistry Production and Ari S Kupsus Gallery, all located in V4 countries. Through this project, we are able to provide artists with adequate training, which they would not normally have access to if unpaid, and to create greater awareness for Eastern European art, which also includes the V4 countries, increasing their presence in the art market and supporting their economic development. The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.


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