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Need some help to get your art out there? What about building your brand as an artist? We can help!


Starting 2022, Victory Art is offering free consultancy sessions to artists. These sessions can be held for various reasons, such as creating a professional portfolio or learning to create a name for yourself as an artist.





Interested? Book a free consultancy session!



These sessions are free, however, there is only a limited number of slots available. So, hurry and sign up before it’s too late!





What can we offer?


Victory Art is dedicated to helping upcoming artists from Central and Eastern Europe and helping them connect to the global market. Along with our dedicated team of professionals, we will be holding these consultancy sessions and helping you in the art industry.


These consultancies are for everyone. Whether you are a new artist that does not know where to start, or an experienced one looking to develop further, we can offer our professional knowledge. For more information you can also check out our art business seminars here.


We can help with:

  • Building a professional portfolio
  • Building and maintaining a relationship with your clients
  • Presenting yourself as an artist and getting noticed
  • Developing social media strategies
  • Gaining more insight on the art industry and market
  • Building partnerships with galleries and collectors
  • How and which galleries to approach
  • How to start selling (what steps do you need to take?)
  • Pricing, commission, renting, exhibitions, etc.
  • Advice and recommendations on collaborations





Why have a consultancy session?


As an artist, it can be very difficult to find your place in the art world. Finding the right contacts to help gain more exposure as an artist, along with targeting and maintaining a relationship with your audience is a challenging task that even experienced artists sometimes struggle with. Through the consultancy sessions, you can learn all the tips and tricks to develop yourself as an artist.




Visegrad Fund

Visegrad Fund


The project named Art education in the post-coronavirus digitized art world in the comprises 12 seminars, one-on-one consultations, and a final online exhibition aimed at artists to help them navigate the art industry, manage their careers successfully and increase their audience in the various countries and is created in collaboration with GJW Gallery, The Chemistry Production and Ari S Kupsus Gallery, all located in V4 countries. Through this project, we are able to provide artists with adequate training, which they would not normally have access to if unpaid, and to create greater awareness for Eastern European art, which also includes the V4 countries, increasing their presence in the art market and supporting their economic development. The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.


GJW Gramza i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Spółka Partnerska

The Chemistry Production, s.r.o.

Ari S Kupsus