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We carefully researched and written a collection of articles to give you the right tools to help you on your Art journey. If you have any questions, we are more than eager to help you. You can find us on the chat or at




Art inspires office: Why and how art in office spaces is the answer for effective HR strategy

A guide to buy art, art consultancy, office art

In 2019, U.S employers spent an average of $3.6 million on HR physical wellness programs. This is because research has shown that decorated office spaces increase efficiency in the workspace. In this report, we break down how Art inspires the office space and how you can utilize it.

Caution is required on selling art and other collectables not only because of the market, but also because the different treatment sellers of art receive under the Tax Code from sellers of other appreciated assets. In this report, we offer you tips and tricks you can use to navigate Art Tax.



Art grows

How can art heal

The last few years have witnessed a boom in the art investment market. Though art can increase in value, the art investing market behaves differently compared to the regular financial market for stocks. Continue reading to find out how you can get into Art investment.

There is a huge misconception surrounding Art where people view it solely as an object for decorating purposes. However, over the recent years, studies have unearthed the mental benefits that Art has when one engages in. Read this report to find out just how Art can help heal.



How to buy art

A guide to buy art, art consultancy, office art

Some people think that buying Art is easier said than done because they do not know where to begin or whom to trust. In this guide, we explore all the different avenues you can take to find and purchase Art for yourself.

Purchasing Art can feel daunting for any newcomer as the Art world often comes of as an exclusive elite club. For those of you who are intimidated we are here to offer you a guide to help you begin your journey in Art collecting.