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I invite you to enter an art universe, to explore different styles, techniques, and artistic themes. From abstract art to realism, from collages to unique textile prints, all my works present an original vision. My inspiration sources are many and varied: from the surrounding nature (floral and vegetal motifs), architecture elements, decorative motifs of Romanian folklore, to elements from other cultures, abstract geometric compositions to realistic studies from nature.



Fine Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art by emerging East European Artists

Fine Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art by emerging East European Artists

Fine Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art by emerging East European Artists

Fine Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art by emerging East European Artists

Fine Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art by emerging East European Artists






Master of styles and techniques in art 

"I was born in Botosani, Romania, on 14 October 1980. I finished the Art High school “Stefan Luchian” from Botosani, Romania – Graphics section, in 1999. I enrolled on the classes at the Institute of Fine and Visual Arts - Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design in Oradea, Romania. There I was specialized in upholstery, textile printing and clothing design. I graduated in 2004. In 2006 I obtained the master’s degree for Textile Arts – Prints specialization at the "Nicolae Grigorescu" Academy of Fine Arts - Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design from Bucharest, Romania. I am a member of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania since 2005.

I have created art pieces for well-known fashion designers in Romania for more than 15 years, and I can paint in many styles and techniques such as acrylic, tempera, ink, oil, mixed media, palette knives, iconography, etc. I am also teaching art classes since 2010.



Top artist from Eastern Europe, contemporary artist

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Graphics - "Art High School - Stefan Luchian" 1990-1999

Textile Arts - "Cetatea Oradea" 1999-2004

Textile Prints - "Muzeul Tarii Crisurilor" Oradea - 2003-2004

Fashion shows - "Centrul Vechi" Oradea 2002-2004

Fashion shows - "Cafe Astoria" Oradea 2002-2004

Fashion shows - "Cetatea Oradea" 2002-2004

Textile Prints - Salonul de Arte decorative, Muzeul Controceni, Bucuresti 2004

Textile Prints - Facultatea de Arte Decorative si Design, Bucuresti 2004-2006

Textile Prints - "Muzeul Taranului Roman" Bucuresti 2005

Textile Prints - "Teatrul National" - Bucuresti 2006

Oil Paintings - "Gala" gallery, UAP Bucuresti 2008-2011

Textile painting, unique printing - "Galeria Galla" UAP 2008-2009

Fashion show - Botosani 2009



Dan Coma - hand-painted leather products – unique products - 2005-2011

Doina Levintza - materiale textile pictate manual - unique products - 2005-2011

Dan Coma – Manual paint on leather - unique products - 2005-2011

Doina Levintza – Hand-painted textiles – unique objects 2005-2011


Awards & apparitions:

Awards for advertisment graphics - 1995-1999

First place at "Tineri Designeri" Doina Levintza” 2005

First place at Unicef Bucuresti 2006

Tv & media apparitions:

Fabric painting of suits for several theatrical shows:

- Royal Fashion – Dan Puric 2011

- Epopeea lui Gilgames – Dragos Galgoţiu

- Viata e vis – Dragos Galgoţiu 2010

- Ascensiunea lui Arthur – Dragos Galgoţiu

- Sweeney Todd – Dragos Galgoţiu 2014

- Casanova – Dragos Galgoţiu 2015

- Madrigal Choir

- Mult zgomot pentru nimic – Andrei Serban 2018

- Insira-te margarite – Dan Puric

- Suge-o Ramona - movie"



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