Bojana Bogic

Art has been a part of my being since I was born. I have always loved beautiful artwork and took pleasure in exploring their colours and textures. As a kid, and through my school days, I drew all the time, mostly trying to capture things that surround me, but I as I grew older, I was getting more occupied with other things and it slowly faded away. Just recently, a couple of years ago, I decided to pick up my brushes, start painting and learn all about it on my own. At that moment it was something I felt was missing from my life all those years.

Painting helps me to express my feelings and to transfer myself into another, more beautiful world. I find inspiration walking and wandering around and observing nature ľ all its inexhaustible beauty and peculiarity, its wonderful and various colours, shapes, shadows...Abstract art suits my personality the most because it allows my feelings to take over and freely create my work. For me, it represents an expression of my experience of inner and outer worlds. When I paint, I like to present nature through my own interpretations of beauty.

I love that abstract painting is open to different understandings, and each viewer connects with it on his very own personal level, and I am very happy that my artwork can bring joy, harmony, and happiness into other people's homes.

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