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The drawing activity took me on a journey of freedom and relaxation and having the willingness to experiment more in this sense, I started painting courses in a visual arts studio. This experience provided me with the opportunity to enter a whole new world, during which time I also had an exhibition of oil paintings.
My personal painting techniques are about balance, calibrating the amount of paint in the proper paintbrush, with masterful touches on the suitable silk, all this to control the color drop in the desired shape. It’s an act of speed most of the time;





From a professional point of view, I have a bachelor's degree in Economics, with almost 12 years of experience within the banking sector. Taking into consideration that there wasn't a perfect match between me as an artist and the corporate environment, I used to draw very detailed and intuitive artworks in ink during my spare time, as a means of escape.

The moment I became the mother of a great son determined me to completely change the direction, as I am very passionate about painting and on top of this I wanted to be physically present in my child's life as much as possible. Therefore, I decided to follow painting classes at the Art School in Bucharest, where I experimented with many painting styles and techniques. During this time, I had the opportunity to paint on a vintage silk garment and thus I unexpectedly discovered the technique that fascinates me. From that moment, the silk painting activity became both an amazing passion and desired profession, to which I dedicate all my free time to explore, to develop my own silk painting techniques, and refine them.



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It’s an act of speed most of the time;  the paint dries quickly when the delicate silk surface is touched with the paintbrush and it requires patience and attention in the accuracy of brush strokes because mistakes can’t be erased or repaired, only transformed by my imagination in the context of the painting. It’s all about a direct collaboration with the sensitive silk in a process subject to serendipity, so each painting is a unique one.
Silk painting is a self-learning process, based on continuous exploration. I am always amazed by the extraordinary capacity of expression that I have while painting on natural silk and by the fact that light gives vibrant life and a lot more eloquence to hand-painted silk.


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