Dávid Hocko

Visual culture has become a conventional reality of our time, which is represented by images of various kinds. I learned how to understand our world while exploring and discovering the infinite richness of visual experience I was surrounded by. It was mainly the area of graphic design, typography, and new media, that caught my attention at the beginning. I began to feel over time, that the digital art world lacked one of the most fundamental human experience for me. It was direct physical contact with the work of art. Therefore, I immediately decided on the medium painting, which is very traditional and contemporary at the same time. As soon as I discovered the fine arts, I knew this will be an integral part of my life.

My work specializes in abstract geometry and optical art. I explore the visual phenomena of images and how they affect the viewer's eye. Light and movement are key aspects, as they allow me to discover new mesmerizing dimensions and features of the painting. The use of digital media is still an important part of my work. Composing an image in computer programs brings me new creative techniques, which I can, later on, complement traditional art methods. I am well versed in a broad field of art that transcends historical movements and brings contemporary tendencies from an artistic community. In my work, I use the term fragments, which refers to several conceptual levels. Our personal fragmentary memories, knowledge, and experiences, on the basis of which we shape our subjective view of the world are represented in the psychological dimension. We create meaningful images of reality by combining individual fragments into coherent units. From the creative point of view, fragments are represented by elementary forms, which I adapt to a harmonious composition. The parallel with architecture is reflected in the construction procedures that I apply in the preparation and implementation of the work.

"Creating is about stimulating new ideas and finding ways to articulate them.“

2013 - 2014 Vienna - Wiener Kunstschule, Graphic design
2014 - 2017 Prague - Art & Design Institut, Multimedia / Graphic Art
2018 - 2020 Bratislava - VSVU Academy of Fine Arts, Painting
2019 - Budapest - MKE Hungarian University of Fine Arts

Exhibitions & Shows:
2017 - Breaking Point, Slovak Institute, Prague
2017 - Breaking Point, TÜV SÜD Gallery, Bratislava
2018 - International Art Symposium, Hrádek Castle, Šumava
2018 - Iconique Lab. project, Footshop, Bratislava
2018 - Synesthesia, Búdka Green Foundation, Bratislava
2019 - Specifically Summer, Art Gallery, Bratislava
2020 - Fragments of Geometry, VŠVU, Bratislava


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