Eliška Malárová

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When I was born in 1989 in Hodonín, My destiny had already been predetermined. It was to make people who miss love and understanding happy and put smiles on their faces. 


With my hand and brush, I capture everything I feel at the moment on the canvas. I am able to work sensitively and in tune with my aesthetics and various feelings. My inspiration is my current feeling and mood, which is based on my Gemini sign. I perceive life intensively, intuitively, and fearlessly.




Art piece Czech Republic

Art piece Czech Republic

Art piece Czech Republic
Art piece Czech Republic
Art piece Czech Republic





During my studies, I already gained several significant experiences in painting because I had opportunities to attend exhibitions and art competitions. Another important milestone was an honorable acknowledgment in Náchodská Prima season, which I gained during my studies at Pedagogical High school in Boskovice.


Life is the best coach in helping us to do what we love and helps us create our own story. I was not afraid of the next challenge, therefore I moved to Brno, where I now live and create art.


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I got hired for a completely different position in the area of ​​IT in 2011. By then, I did not know that I would become an expert in IreSoft company. I am loyal to my company due to both my achievements and my heart. Besides my newly acquired experience, I felt the need to focus on creating something that comes out of my creative spirit, where I could carry out my ideas and feelings. That’s when I remembered my beloved easel which I went back to, which I will now never leave behind. Perhaps, except for those moments spent with her family, husband, and friends.


It is a pure joy knowing that was given a gift to paint and the ability to transform it into art. No matter the challenges or adversity, I would say “Always smile, say thank you, and go on”. I always knew that the best way to be happy is to do something that would capture positive energy, which is visible in my paintings. That is why you van find all the abstractions and diversity of colours in my paintings. 



2015 Master’s degree in special education studies at Palacký University Olomouc



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