Lucia Sucháňová

I was born and raised in central Slovakia, in a classical village with folk traditions. I believe I have been looking at our world slightly differently ever since I was a small child. I always loved to draw and paint. When I look at my childhood drawings now, it's obvious that my perception of the world was generally different from other children's. The abstraction in my paintings was clearly visible and I wasn't afraid to paint pretty much anything. I was convinced I wanted to do something artistic and interesting later on in life when I first started attending an elementary art school. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my direction and focus and with the start of high school, I stopped painting.

At the age of 19, I moved to Bratislava for work and suddenly I felt the need to start painting again. I enjoyed it like never before. Painting really fulfilled me and I knew this was what I wanted to do. While working as a receptionist at a fitness center, I've met many interesting people. Then came the day when I was approached by two great young women with an idea to open a studio with them. Although I was young and running a studio was difficult for me, they have always been very helpful and I will be incredibly grateful to them for the rest of my life. Our studio is based in Bratislava. Here we create anything that comes to our minds, every one of us with her own style and we always help one another. Art and the studio, but also the people around me always help me cope with difficult life situations, move forward, and grow. 

I have completed various drawing and painting courses with the academic painter Jarmila Veľká in the gallery of the academic painter Andrej Smolák in Bratislava. I have three certificates of the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma courses and I have had a couple of small vernissages too. I love painting and I especially love how an abstract painting gives me the opportunity to freely express what I feel. I enjoy various combinations of colors and materials, and also the fact that abstract can be minimalistic. To me, it is amazing and fascinating how each person sees and finds something different in every abstract painting.

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