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Maják n.o. is a nonprofit organization, which provides 24/7 services for deafblind adults. Maják means the Lighthouse and it is the first and the only specialized facility for deafblind adults in Slovakia. The young deafblind live in a community of 8 people. The group home provides them the opportunity for education, the development of their personality, they learn to spend their leisure time and develop their interests.
Maják n.o. provides social counseling, special communication, social rehabilitation, art therapy, music therapy, and learning through individual development plans. The leisure activities include horse riding, bowling, nature walks, trips, and social activities – balls, benefit concerts.


Maják was founded by the Association of parents and friends of deafblind children as a response to the issue of the future of young deafblind people. Majak started to provide service in 2007 for 8 young deafblind people. It is a specialized facility for this kind of impairment. Our priority is that deafblindness is not the reason for their inability to live their lives fully.



We provide art therapy for deafblind people since 2008. Art therapy brings them a lot of skills and various emotions. They learned to manipulate with brushes and drawing area, to know the colors, and to keep attention. We would like to achieve their own selection of drawing themes and to support individual nonverbal communication. Art therapy is an alternative method of communication. The pictures reflect their wishes and various emotions and experiences.


If you would like to get to know Maják more and discuss its work, send us a quick email at and we will schedule a video call for you!

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