Sandra Starling

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I was born In Prague in 1978 into a very peaceful family, my father is an Architect and my mum a graphic designer. They both really love art, and it was quite clear, that I and my sisters will follow the spirit of art to... So I learn to draw since I was 6 years in school and it was great for me because as an introvert, this is the best form of how to communicate and express to people the world as I see it.    






Anyway, my focus went very much on architecture, which I studied at University VŠUP in Prague and I am very glad about that. This keeps my legs on the ground, but head in the stars.

So, since I left university, I worked as an architect, but then, when my first child was born, I moved to Germany and because I was not able to do architecture, I started to paint again, and here I am... I love this process of painting on canvas, because it speaks to me and shows many dimensions of creation, I love to feel all those emotions, which are coming during the creation. I know that this is my way of speaking and life. 


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