Zuzana Vlčková

emerging eastern european artist               emerging artist from Slovakia


I am an artist living in the small town of Topolcany in Slovakia. I have loved art since I was a child and my big fantasy always helped me out. So, eventually, I attended an art-focused high school and later college. Since then my passion for painting has only grown. My favorite medium is acrylic paints, but I often experiment with glue, oil, gold and silver foil or glitter.

Most of the time I use flat brushes, but I also use a chisel, sponges and sometimes even my bare hands. As you can tell, I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and materials for my work. I think I can divide the nature of my work into three categories: abstract, usually guided by my emotions; animals, with which I usually use surrealist colors and pop art inspired, which has been my latest endeavor. I really enjoy Andy Warhol’s work but I get inspiration from my surroundings in my everyday life. If you were to ask me why  I paint, I would reply with the old adage, ‘do what makes you happy.’ And painting makes me happy.

If you would like to get to know Zulu more and discuss her work, send us a quick email at viktoria@victoryart.eu and we will schedule a video call for you !

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