Zuzana Ondková

Works of art have been my passion since an early age. When I was six I drew my first drawing and painted my very first painting. I was attending an artistic painting club during elementary and high school as well. Now I work as a neurologist and live in Kosice, Slovakia. At present, I divide my time between the medical job and artistic activity in order to lead fulfilled and well-balanced life.

 Painting is the very best expression of my inner self, my drives, sentiments, emotions, moods - my life in general. I prefer aquarelle and acrylic works due to the freedom it has to offer. Turning a blank sheet of paper into whatever comes to your soul, crosses your mind, or simply anything one can imagine is some kind of magic to me. Wings of limitless fantasy are able to take an artist everywhere and it's all about the ultimate freedom of expression without having to stick to any useless rules. I am achieving my best results when really happy with a big load of positive energy, enthusiasm, pure joy, and zeal for life. I tried to share these feelings with others through my work. 

The greatest sources of my inspiration are nature, love, music, life's events, and memories. As by means of my portraits and paintings I leave a legacy, a message, a footstep of my existence I consider the whole time dedicated to the special matter best spent. My intention has always been to incorporate a big piece of my heart and myself into my paintings. 

If you would like to get to know Zuzana more and discuss her works, send us a quick email at viktoria@victoryart.eu and we will schedule a video call for you!

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