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Expressionist art isn't for the faint of heart. It confronts you with the full spectrum of human emotions – joy, sorrow, anxiety, and anger. More than just aesthetics, expressionist art offers a powerful tool for self-reflection. These paintings act as a mirror, reflecting your own emotions and prompting you to confront them head-on. Through bold distortions of form, intense colors, and energetic brushwork, expressionist paintings challenge the status quo and leave a lasting impression. Unlike traditional styles that focus on realistic depiction, expressionist paintings pulsate with raw energy, distortion, and vivid colors. Each brushstroke becomes a conduit for the artist's inner world, inviting you to experience the intensity of human experience....

Whether you're drawn to the angst-ridden figures of German Expressionism or the vibrant canvases of Abstract Expressionism, Our curated collection showcases a diverse range of unique “expressionism” paintings for sale from various Central & Eastern European artists and find perfect pieces for your wall, office and home interior to elevate your space and speaks to your soul.

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A Light In The Heart

Valentine Svihalek | Expressionism Art

1 224 € with VAT 1 020 € without VAT

Relax, I've Got You

Valentine Svihalek | Expressionism Art

1 108 € with VAT 923 € without VAT

The Art Of Dialogue

Valentine Svihalek | Expressionism Art

720 € with VAT 600 € without VAT


Valentine Svihalek | Expressionism Art

620 € with VAT 517 € without VAT

Wild And Free

Valentine Svihalek | Expressionism Art

870 € with VAT 725 € without VAT

That Fresh Feeling

Valentine Svihalek | Expressionism Art


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