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Size : 100x70 cm

Medium: Acryl

Material: Canvas

Get to know the artist:
Magdaléna Ševčík
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About artist

I am an artist currently living in the beautiful city of Brno. A stubborn experimenter and a hard worker, most of my life were working in my studio, covered in paints and surrounded by used tape. Sometimes I even forget to eat. I embrace with open arms.

Always fascinated by pretty much everything, I always wanted to understand how the world works or at least a part of it I can then bend its rules to create my own. While I started off pulling most of my inspiration from nature, it later evolved into a fascination for architecture. Eventually, I found my current style - symbolic colors in contrast with these geometric elements.

It is not random. While I realized that basically, everything around us is about contrast. Not only when it comes to natural phenomena or shapes, but also when it comes to relationships. After contemplating about this for months, I understood it has always been the contrast between her and the world that she has classes to capture.

My work is always personal, deep and sometimes even uncomfortable - but “ironically” visually appealing.


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  • Oblivion IV.

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