Ice shield set of two

Size : 37x66 cm

Medium: Paper Handcuts

Material: Paper

Get to know the artist:
Naďa Kučerová
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Ice shield set of two


So with this pair of Pinarts I would like to introduce a new collection. For a long time, I wanted to include themes very close to my heart. I spend a lot of time outside, in nature. I decided to bring the splendor of natute to my artworks. Breathtaking scenery, endless palette of colors and amazing shapes that nature can create so perfectly. Inspiration for this collection will be the planet earth in its full beauty.
Throw this collection, I want not only show these beauties, but also to remind every one of you, that what it is today doesn't have to be in a few years. This is confirmed by the current situation not only in our country but also in the world... Let's do everything we can to remedy ourselves, so that these generations can see beauties of our earth. First two pinarts I called Ice Shield. Like my pinarts, glaciers consist of layers that formed over the years. Unfortunately, glaciers are losing these layers and are drowning SIX TIMES FASTER than a few years ago ...


About artist

Layered, hand-carved images represent the gateway to the "other world". By embossing character or combination of colours, I try to attract the eye of the viewer and encourage him to "immerse" himself into the Pinart. The closer the viewer looks, the more details and individual layers are revealed, forming a whole when viewed from a distance. I have always preferred originality, new technologies. That's why I developed my own technique. In my Pinarts I use many layers of paper from which I want to hit the space. This passion for fine relief has remained from my previous years of studying spatial design. I am currently developing 3 collections, each with its own source of inspiration.