The drops that never fade away

Painting > Modern > Abstract

Size : 60 x 40 cm

Medium : Acryl and wax

Material : Canvas


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The drops that never fade away

There are smells that we wont forget in our lives never. Smell or aroma of the person or of place or of home. Every time we get in contact with that specific smell we are going through hunt in our mind full of memories.

About artist

Im a Slovakian born artist (1989) with Hungarian roots but Im living and creating art in Bratislava. I studied painting and other media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. My main topic of artwork is about time, memories, childhood, the origin of the world and transformation of the material world into abandoned and forgotten landscapes, spaces, things. The technique Im using is very specific and similar to sgraffito, it has relief like features. For this technique, Im using acrylic colors and graver with which Im destroying the acrylic layered surface and Im searching in acrylic,, layers of time. What inspires me is wild nature, botanical gardens, abandoned places and things retro stuff, galleries, vintage flea markets, historic artifacts, old-fashion things.