Untitled #398

Size : 150x120 cm

Medium: Oil

Material: Canvas

Get to know the artist:
Mihai Cotiga
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About artist

Questioning existence, the works of Mihai, revolve around light and death. Searching for an answer through various experiences and emotion. A perpetual exploration of the human being as well of its perception, spirit, and understanding. It started as a search through the immaterial, finding the void and the answers to the questions that appear in between. The paintings are an endless journey of explaining what and why we are. The language of painting is as intuitive and concrete as life itself. The questions come to answers and the answers come to questions. As the exploration goes, it embraces space, science, philosophy and many others. The works are a statement of pure emotion through an uncertain existence.

Since he was a child, Mihai always had an urge to create. Making art is her biggest joy and she loves being in the studio, having the freedom to express herself without constraint. Being an artist is about constant learning and giving to others, whether it is emotion, experience or information. Hearing people talking about the experience and feelings they had while looking at her pictures is her fulfillment. She embraces the fact that she has the opportunity to develop her mind, spirit, and body and help others along the way. It is mainly the reason she chose to be an artist.  

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