Where are your limits?

Photography > Abstract > Still life

Size : 40 x 40 cm

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Medium: Ink

Material: Aluminium

Get to know the artist:
Viktória Pikovská
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Where are your limits?

Every single of us has some inner limits, which stops us from doing some things. For some of us the limits are much broader than for others. And my only question is, when did you push your limits last time?

About artist

My name is Viktória. I am the founder of Victory Art and artist as well. Since I was a child I used to love photography and admire, how authentically it can capture any moment. I was 6 years old when I got my first film camera. I immediately went out to the streets and took photos of people there. Without any deeper knowledge or purpose, I started depicting emotions, struggles and everyday life of people. Through the years, I changed a few times the main topic of my work, but my focus on emotions was always the key element of my work.


The collection presented at Victory Art is from the period when I was fascinated by glass, its possibilities, shapes, fragility, and power to hurt so badly at the same moment. Because I believe, that the form of presenting the art piece is as important as the art pieces itself, the art pieces are printed on an aluminum plate using my favorite formats (square and circle) and are the perfect fit for your living room or bar.