Art Collecting


Like many others, the art sector is not the easiest to get into and find your way around. Especially when you have just started. At Victory Art, we work towards making the creative field accessible to anyone interested. This aim was what inspired us to create a course for those who are interested in collecting art.  We want to share everything we know with people who might be lost in the chunks of information out there: How do I start? Who do I talk to? What should my budget look like? The answers to these and many other questions can be found on this page where we aim to share the most useful resources related to the art topic. 

We welcome everyone interested in the topic of art collecting to join: those who have years of experience, those starting, and people who just want to learn more about the art sector.⠀


 Join Us: Beginner's Guide to Collecting Art

We all know that it is never easy to start working on a project when you have no previous experience with the subject. It is true for any sector, and art is no exception. This is what motivated us to start the Facebook group "Beginner's Guide to Collecting Art". We wanted to offer some guidance to those interested in the world of buying and collecting art. By sharing useful resources, engaging in educational discussions, and sharing experiences, we hope to give some inspiration to the enthusiast who just started their first art collection.⠀

    By joining you can expect to get:⠀
  - Guidelines on starting out with your art collection
  - Relevant discussions on art topics 
  - Opportunity to learn from art enthusiasts in the field 

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