Young, passionate, and ambitious people who work together to create a better life experience using art. Diverse in backgrounds and personal stories yet, we share the same passion for art and giving emerging talents a launchpad to shine.



Value creation  Value creationThe ability to generate value for our clients and artists
Inspiration   Inspiration Being able to find inspiration to extend capabilities and experience.
Creativity  Creativity - We value creative minds that can think out of the box
Teamwork  TeamworkWe put aside self-ego and take responsibility as a team
Optimism  Optimism - We value the ability to take on challenges with an open and positive mindset
Reliability  Reliability - We value individuals we can count on to help us achieve our mission
Young and Hungry  Young and Hungry - Young in spirit and hungry in ambition








Victory Art offers art consultancy services for anybody looking to find the perfect art piece to decorate their interior. Our team is well experienced in recommending suitable work tailored to your house and budget, whether you are a first-time buyer or wish to add to an existing collection. We have tailored our consultancies depending on whether you are an interior designer, corporate representative, or just looking to decorate your space with meaningful artworks.

We also know that it can sometimes be difficult to make a final decision on a particular piece of artwork without seeing it in a setting. That’s why we provide you with previews of your home with various art pieces to encourage you to try paintings at home on approval. We can also arrange to hang paintings for you. Want to see them before? Try viewing them on your wall! See the guide for how to do it on iOS and Android here.




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General Art Consultancy 

Discover our contemporary collection and find the art piece to fit your taste and budget.

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Interior Design Partnerships

Browse through our online gallery and you will find any style, medium, or size. Simplify your life as an interior designer.

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Corporate collections

Acquire art that identifies with your brand. Ask us and we offer consultancy sessions for you to find the best piece.




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Who is an Art Consultant?


An Art Consultant (also an art advisor) is an experienced art market professional who advises clients in buying or selling art. A consultant can help various clients find suitable artworks to fit their financial budgets, taste, and preferences with a deep understanding of the art market.


What is Interior Art Consulting?


Interior Art Consulting services simplify the designers' lives with extensive advisory assistance in selecting the appropriate art pieces to complement an interior project. The experienced art market professionals consult with a designer to find anything from a single art piece to a whole curated collection that fits the designer's concept of the project.

During the consultancy sessions, we make sure to comprehend your project, its stylistic attributes, and the kind of atmosphere you're looking to build. From there on, we can suggest a variety of artistic possibilities that will make your concept come true. We realize the importance of all aspects that go into your project, including the furniture ideas, colour boards, and budgets, and are always well prepared to find the exact pieces you need.

We work with a hand-picked selection of artists, specializing in a wide variety of genres, including interactive art and installations. Alternatively, we can source new work, either establishing and developing a relationship with a specific artist or commissioning a custom piece through our in-house studio. You will work closely with an art consultant dedicated to sourcing unique and meaningful pieces for your project.

With thorough experience working with designers and helping them achieve their dazzling visions, we believe we can make your next big project even better.


What is Corporate Art Consulting?


A Corporate Art Consultant (also a corporate art advisor) is an experienced art market professional who advises corporate clients in acquiring art that identifies with their brand. A corporate art consultant can help various organizations find their identity and empower their brand through art with a deep understanding of the art market. Successful consulting delivers anything from single art pieces to a whole curated collection to the firm's workplace. Corporate art consulting help find the exact pieces that identify with the company's values and mission, financial budget, taste, and preferences.

"Business owners are beginning to understand that displaying artwork in the workplace does more than making the office aesthetically pleasing; it can actually increase employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity." - Forbes.com


What are the benefits of having art at your office?


“People spend most of their lives at work, and being in an office can become very routine, but if there is interactive art around the place, it offers an ongoing sense of intrigue and engagement,” says Knight from Exeter University.

The impact that art has on our emotions and behaviours is often underestimated, especially in office spaces. An office is a hub of productivity, motivation, and creativity all in one place. Art can create a sense of comfort in the workplace while achieving enthusiasm. The positive effects art has on employee productivity, satisfaction, and morale can’t be ignored. Coupled with the strategic branding opportunities it presents, artworks are bound to appear in all companies’ budgets.

The notion that art in the workplace is merely decorative was dispelled in a survey of more than 800 employees working for 32 companies from firms ranging from food distributors to law firms from throughout the U.S. that have workplace art collections. It found that art in the workplace helps businesses address key challenges such as reducing stress (78% agree), increasing creativity (64% agreed), and encouraging expression of opinions (77% agreed).

Some companies consciously use art as part of their retention strategy. Aesthetic in the truest sense means energy-giving, which is exactly what a workplace needs, instead of a bland, industrial environment where employees are not motivated to work.

Benefits of having art at a workspace:

- Art improves productivity. 

- Art inspires and unlocks creative potential.

- Art helps connect with clients.

- Art affects the atmosphere of a room.

- Art improves employee experiences and increases motivation.

- Art reduces stress.

- Art provides branding opportunities for the business.





Art consultancy, fine art, modern art

1.  Eastern European Specialization


With an emphasis on Central and Eastern European art, Victory Art offers original contemporary art for sale designed by talented individuals with unique artistic expressions. 

Art consultancy, fine art, modern art

2. Affordable art


We believe that art should not just be reserved for the top 1%. Victory Art focuses on affordability and guarantees our clients with a provision of masterpieces.

Art consultancy, fine art, modern art

3. Original art


The artworks offered by Victory Art are unique and one of a kind designed by one of our highly talented Eastern European artists.



Art consultancy, fine art, modern art

4. Guaranteed Satisfaction


We guarantee satisfaction to our customers by providing original artworks within 14 days with a money-back guarantee. So fear not, we are here to help you. 

Art consultancy, fine art, modern art

5. No Advisory Fees


If you cannot decide on the artwork, we assure you of a personalized art advisory service to help you make the decision. The first consultation is always free!

Art consultancy, fine art, modern art

6. Investment Pieces


Our artists create honest pieces with a story and creative potential. Who knows, you might be investing in the next Monet!




OUR STORYHire art for interior design


Intending to change outdated stereotypes and build new perceptions, Viktória Pikovská set out to build a platform capable of promoting and managing talents who truly deserve respect and spotlight - so she founded Victory Art in 2018.

By tailoring our company to the world's fast-paced development, Victory Art makes it trustworthy, flexible, affordable, and possible for every corner of the world to access and discover artists from Central and Eastern Europe, a region that hosts many misunderstood and underrepresented voices and talents. Now viewing art pieces in AR is also possible.




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