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Art Guide: Top 5 Things To Consider To Choose The Perfect Artwork For Your Home

Art Guide: Top 5 Things To Consider To Choose The Perfect Artwork For Your Home

Whether you are interested in interior design or liven up your home with a piece of art, choosing the perfect artwork can be tough, but it doesn't have to be. In this article, we have prepared top 5 things to consider for a perfect home art from expert

1.    Your budget 

Before you can go and start looking for paintings to elevate your space, you need to consider your budget – how much money do you want to spend on art? How much on one piece?

If your budget is rather high, you can peruse galleries, online platforms, auctions, or even ask the artist themselves for a commission piece. 

However, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on art and are looking for a rather affordable way to refresh your interior, you can look at online platforms that sell affordable art. You can look for aspiring artists, since their prices aren’t usually too high, buy prints or copies, or opt for artworks of smaller sizes. There are many options to bring the color to your wall.


2.    Your preferences and taste 

Now that you have your budget set you can start looking at art. It’s important to really think about your preferences and taste in art – buying art can be a big investment, so it should be a well-thought-out decision.  

There are multiple styles, movements, techniques, etc. and it can be a bit overwhelming at first. However, there are many sources you can use to figure out your taste – go to museums and art galleries, look at art on Instagram, read blogs and articles, etc. Do you gravitate more towards minimalistic abstract art or colorful realistic art? Do jewel and dark tones speak to you more than light pastels? Also check our other blogs to discover about art. 

It's important to follow your gut feeling – the piece you choose will hang in your home and you will get daily inspiration from it, so make sure you truly fall for it before you purchase the artwork. If you are not sure about it, then you can see our rental art service as solution. 


3.    Style of your room 

When choosing art for your home, what is important to consider is the style of your room – it should fit within that style. If you love your current interior design, choosing complementary home art will further enhance it. Think of these pieces as the finishing touches that elevate your existing aesthetic. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to change things up, think about what you want the room to look like and then choose your artworks based on that. If your room is very minimalist and modern, but you would like to have a more maximalist and traditional – try to bring that style in with your art. 

4.    Walls and furniture 

Now that you have assessed the general style of your interior, you should take a look and analyze your walls and furniture. What are the main colors and tones of your interior? How big or small are they? Do they take up a lot of space on your walls? 

In terms of walls, you should think about the colors and pattern - did you use paint of wallpaper? What are the primary themes? How busy is the pattern? You need to match your artworks to the color story of your room. Furniture, similarly, should match your pieces in terms of colors – are they bold and bright or rather in earthy tones?

5.    Space and layout 

When displaying art, there are certain rules when it comes to the layout and spacing of your pieces. This is important to consider when choosing your home art, since you want your chosen piece will be perfectly fit to your space.

Firstly, when looking at the wall, you should ignore the space that’s covered by your furniture and only focus on the empty part. Artwork should cover around ½ up to ¾ of that space – as not too crowed the wall, but also to not leave any awkward empty spots.

There are many things to consider before you buy an artwork for your home. Moreover, you can consider to rent out a piece for a couple of months and see if you like it with our rental art service.

If you do decide to rent a piece and end up liking it too much, you can just buy it for your interior. You will have priority – even if someone else is trying to buy it before you, you can purchase it first, as you’re the one renting it. Check our online art gallery and find your perfect piece to rent or buy for your home here.


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