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Biophilic Art: Connection To The Art Of Nature

Biophilic Art: Connection To The Art Of Nature


Rise of Biophilic Art


Currently, In a lot of spaces, offices, and homes, as well as on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc. we can notice an increasing popularity of art concerning nature and plants. Such style, or rather a type, of art is called biophilic art. Moreover, biophilic, or nature art confronts our idea of human connection with nature – are we as separate from it as we often believe? It engages our senses and their experiences, showing us how present we could and should be in nature, in which we are rooted. But where did it come from? Why should we introduce it to our homes and offices?




The Origin of Biophilic Art


The origin of the idea can be found in the biophilia hypothesis. It suggests that human beings intuitively seek connections with nature. It was popularized by Edward O. Wilson, an American biologist, in 1984. He argued that people and our behaviors or ways of thinking are rooted in nature. Wilson compared this to humans' innate fear of snakes and spiders – biophobia. If nature, or its parts, can repel us and arouse feelings of anxiety and panic, the opposite must also be true. Multiple elements of nature are beneficial for humans, we must therefore be connected to them in some way and seek contact with them.


The Impact of Biophilic Art on Humans

However nowadays, we spend most of our time in superficial and fake environments of office buildings, schools, universities, stores, etc. – lacking in organic and natural elements that stimulate our senses. They do not offer much for our senses, often rather amplify or contribute to our stressful lives with their atmosphere and looks – white cubes with artificial lighting, people rushing everywhere. 

Here, the biophilic art and design enters – bringing us the art of nature and organic shapes, colors, and textures, that vitalize us, promoting human health – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. It brings us closer to nature and connects us with plants, animals, natural landscapes, and light. It is said to improve our overall well-being and bring peace to our overstimulated and anxious minds and bodies. 





Many studies showcased that being in nature and being surrounded by green trees and other plants, can positively influence our health – it can bring relief to our overworked, from constant screens, eyes or tame the never-ending stress and pressure overtaking our lives. 

Even though the central goal of biophilic art is to showcase the fusion of nature and human-made environments, mostly in an urban context, there are some examples of biophilic art that do not necessarily do so, yet bring humans the needed experience of nature into their lives.  

Such examples can be landscapes, nature artworks with plants, such as trees, flowers, and leaves, or even abstract art in calming, earthy colors, e.g. natural browns, greens, and whites, with the use of naturalistic and organic shapes. Paintings such as these, bring people direct contact with nature through visualization of it. 



SHOP: “Rendez-vous” by Yvonne Vacha 

The viewer can feel the pulling connection to nature with trees, flowers, or a beautiful painting of a sea, and feel more calm. Biophilic art also grounds its consumers and reminds them of the importance of being in the present – taking a deep breath and letting your emotions pass you by, not being consumed by them. 



SHOP: “Warm Evening” by Irina Pronina 

Because of those reasons, we all should implement biophilic art to bring the “nature” in our environments, let it be offices or houses. We need to be reminded of our connection to nature – our roots. In the world of technology, constant development, and urbanization, we must take the time to remember where we come from and truly ground ourselves in the nature and its beauty. We are not separate from it – we are a part of it and it is a part of us. If you want to know, even more, check our more detailed guide on how to buy art for yourself and your office. We are always here to help you to find the right artwork, you can book an appointment with us, and remember, enjoy yourself while in the process!


Check our online gallery and dive into our detailed guide on finding the perfect piece for you or your office! We're here to make your art hunt a blast. Book an appointment with us, and remember – choosing art should be fun!




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