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Art Talk: Anžo on letting your imagination run free

Art Talk: Anžo on letting your imagination run free



1. What is your main concept of art? 

A: Everything is in a moment. I just capture it a bit differently. I try to bring awareness to the present moment where it all happens. But the bigger picture is to show people that many things are possible if you just use your imagination more. You can always think out of the box. So if I need to say what is my concept in one line: Freeze moments and let your imagination run free. 

Imagination is a highway for vision. 



Take a quiz to see what concept matches you the most! 



2. How did you start your art practices? 

A: At age four I got my first crayons and from that point on everything started involving art. Soon I started painting everywhere. At age 7 I have already painted my whole room because I wanted to try new things. Good for me, my parents weren't so angry :) Till the age of 13, I tried most of the mediums and wanted to pursue only painting. I started going to group schooling during the summers. But then middle school happened and I wasn't so persuasive anymore. I still painted and drew, but not as much I could. Growing up in a small place as I did, you don’t have many options. Society got to me, saying there are not many options in art... So until 2011 when I moved to Ljubljana I did not take art into consideration that much. I always dreamed of becoming a respected painter who creates his own style and path. But, for some time I haven't moved, that was just a wish... After 2011 I started painting again more seriously. This time on T-shirt, caps, clothes... I created more than 200 hundred pieces for people to wear. It was an amazing feeling to see people wearing your art. But eventually, in 2015 I was slowly transitioning back into the canvas. To the present moment, I have produced more than 600 paintings. From that point on this is where I’m home. I started to get involved in group exhibitions and later solo exhibitions. Today I just create as much as possible. Pushing my boundaries as further as I can, trying to reach people with my expression. 



Together with Anžo, we've prepared a live painting session for you to watch and enjoy! 



3. What inspires you the most? 

A: The thing is that everything can be inspiring if you pay enough attention. While growing up on a farm, I was surrounded by beautiful nature and the stars above. That is why I get lost the most in the universe and nature. It's just so many possibilities and options to choose from. And they are always at your disposal wherever you are. Other things that also frequently come to mind are fruits, vegetables, random objects, landscapes, and animals. 



Check out Anžo's collection to see more of his work! 



4. What medium and materials are you currently use? And why? 

A: I use cotton canvas and acrylic paints. I like to paint on canvas because when I finish I open a window into a new world. That is what drives me. I prefer acrylic paints because of the texture and faster drying. It gives me the option to get a turbulent surface when I need it. Also, I prefer the contrast and the hue that they provide. While painting I use various sizes of brushes. And in order to make a black outline of the object I use a painting spatula. 



5. How did you develop your own style? What does a persistent art style mean to an artist? 

A: I don’t think I am there yet but for now, I'm at ease. To get to the style that I have now was a long way. But the crossing point was more than 2 years ago. When I started the '366 project'. The point was to create a small painting size 24 x 18 cm, every single day for the whole year; 3.10.2017 - 3.10.2018. Through that project, I evolved as an artist and developed my current style. I also proved to myself that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

I think it depends on what you want to express. I'm struggling with this topic the most as you don't feel the same each day. So you cannot always create the same emotion or in the same way... That is why I have various styles because I thrive on emotions. But of course, for your audience or collectors, this is a big deal. Overall, one day I would like to have a persistent style. Persistent style means that you get recognized quicker, your style spreads faster. People connect you easier to things. So in the long run, the persistent art style is kind of a legacy. 



painting choose wisely acryl canvas     painting choose wisely acryl canvas

Curator's Choice: Choose Wisely by Anžo 



Try out our new AR feature with your phone to see how this painting from Anžo is going to look like on your own wall at home and office! 



6. What medium or materials will you explore in the future? Why? 

A: I will definitely try to create with oil paints, because of the shading and blending colors. But the biggest urge I often have is to try sculpting. The 'why' is simple. Just like you turn a blank canvas into a new world. You can turn a block of stone into a mesmerizing sight. 



7. What is the most challenging time for you as an artist? 

A: For me, the most challenging time is the first brush stroke and the last. But for the most part, the last stroke is still harder. The painting is never truly finished. You just have to decide when it's enough. 



8. How do you develop a theme of a series? From life? From a social moment? 

A: Till last year I really did not have a series. I just created whatever came to mind. Now I consider this option more. Usually, I think a lot about some topic, read and study up on it. Then make a tone of sketches and decide on the number of paintings, which usually involves around 6 paintings in the series. Right now I'm working between three series. One is all about the universe and the possibilities that come along. The second is more for all the food lovers. But the third one will be something new: it will embrace small moments that change our lives. I am really hoping to strike the right emotions so the viewer can be taken into that time to relieve that feeling. 



9. How do you understand the art world? 

A: I understand it probably in the “wrong” way because I think quality should come first. Creating, style, hard work, meaning, evolving, and dedication - all that should be considered when talking about an art piece. Not just the idea of how someone sold something that has no real value. But, on the other hand, I love to see, that more and more people are trying to bring back balance, quality, and meaning to the art world. The way I would like to see the art world is it being balanced and respected as every other profession on the planet should be. 



10. What would be your suggestions for young artists? 

A: If you truly want to be in the art world, you won't second guess yourself. Don’t wait for the inspiration, just create and imagine. Start a project that you'll be able to create every single day for a longer period of time. Through that, you will get to know yourself, and be able to expand your imagination. Looking back on it you will be able to connect the dots and discover your own style. 

Focus on your passion! 



painting sea reflection acryl canvas    painting sea reflection acryl canvas

Curator's Choice: Sea Reflection by Anžo



11. What does art mean in your life? 

A: Art means everything to me. Throughout the day there is rarely a time that I don't think about new ideas and art in general. Also, everything I hear instantly transforms into a picture in my mind. So I really can't live without it. For me, it has been a way of life for as long as I can remember and the urge to create just gets stronger over the years. The feeling of expressing yourself and the impact that it has is “high” in a way. So art is life to me. 



12. What is the power of art to people? 

A: From the very start, art has changed the course of human history. Art has the power to change people’s minds. To strive for beautifulness, the power to sell, the power to seduce. Its impact is enormous and without it, humans wouldn't evolve so rapidly as we did. So I think we need to nurture it and keep investing in it. 

Every new painting is a window into a new world. 



Do you know that art can also heal our minds? Check out this blog: 10 reasons why art is beneficial for our mind and brain to get more insight! 



If you want to see more works from Anžoyou can visit his page here. You can discover more of our artists here and their work. And if you want to know more about purchasing Anžo's art or other art collections we have, you can always make an appointment with us. 



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