Art of Miracles

Size : 42 x 60 cm

Medium: Mixed media

Material: Paper

Get to know the artist:
Naďa Kučerová
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About artist

Layered, hand-carved images represent the gateway to the "other world". By embossing character or combination of colours, I try to attract the eye of the viewer and encourage him to "immerse" himself into the Pinart. The closer the viewer looks, the more details and individual layers are revealed, forming a whole when viewed from a distance. I have always preferred originality, new technologies. That's why I developed my own technique. In my Pinarts I use many layers of paper from which I want to hit the space. This passion for fine relief has remained from my previous years of studying spatial design. I am currently developing 3 collections, each with its own source of inspiration.

    2 448,60 € with VAT 2 040,50 € without VAT


    2 448,60 € with VAT 2 040,50 € without VAT


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