Art of Miracles

Size : 42 x 60 cm

Medium: Mixed media

Material: Paper

Get to know the artist:
Naďa Kučerová
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Art of Miracles

The inspiration for the painting was the words of

Francisco de Goya: “Imagination abandoned by reason produces

impossible monsters; united with her, she is the mother of the arts

and source of their wonders.”

The circle in the picture symbolizes perfection and wholeness.

In my perception, a connection of Imagination and reason.

The circle is also perceived as a symbol of flowing energy and

female fertility, which is also represented by the legs placed in the

center of Pinart. Thus, the female legs / female lap are placed in the

center of everything. Mother of Arts, the source of all miracles in my case

is a woman. A woman full of imagination, guided by reason.

Aspects within the circle are valuable (protected by the circle).

But the leg protruding from the circle symbolizes the ”human factor”, occasional forfeiture of fantasies,

violation of perfection and wholeness, lack of reason.

About artist

Layered, hand-carved images represent the gateway to the "other world". By embossing character or combination of colours, I try to attract the eye of the viewer and encourage him to "immerse" himself into the Pinart. The closer the viewer looks, the more details and individual layers are revealed, forming a whole when viewed from a distance. I have always preferred originality, new technologies. That's why I developed my own technique. In my Pinarts I use many layers of paper from which I want to hit the space. This passion for fine relief has remained from my previous years of studying spatial design. I am currently developing 3 collections, each with its own source of inspiration.

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