Kristína Fašungová

When 33-year-old Kika moved to Maják, it quickly became her second home. An expressive resident, she communicates with others not only through a wide range of signs and symbols but also with not-to-be-missed facial expressions. She loves social and leisure activities, after which she often relishes a small cake and coffee. 

Watching TV with flashing colours and images also fascinate her. A keen painter, Kika can easily get lost in her emotions during the art therapy sessions. The texture, reflections, and contact with canvas provide her with serenity as well as aesthetic simulation. Colours are her signature traits, which appear throughout all her creations. A radical painter, she paints the whole body: she needs to have colours throughout the body to feel the stimulation flowing around her. She considers this a cleansing ritual which peels off her mask to show her true self.

At the end of each session, she can be seen covered in the colours of her creation: she becomes her own art. Radical as it is, such an immersive method helps her during times of distress. She loves to work in a large area as she can freely express her creativity. No one takes art as seriously as she does.

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