Simona Stanciu

emerging artist from eastern europeI think it’s all about feelings, our choices, and everything that we do. Our life and our reality are shaped by them.  I always felt connected to art in some way and attracted by it. I guess at some point in my life I choose this: to be an artist, even if I had always been one long time before I was even able to raise awareness. I decided to accept it, to accept myself and follow my passion. I knew that I could not hold resistance or go against who I was: a human being that needed to create. As the artist I decided to be, my purpose is to express my feelings, to transform emotions, to communicate thoughts, to reveal my personality, and make manifest the artist within me. This is what my art is about. 

 I was born in a small town in Romania, Brad, on the 17th of October 1984. As a kid, I was very passionate about drawing and painting, so at the age of high school, I moved with my bigger sister to the nearest town where I could study art, in Deva at the “Sigismund Toduta” High School of Music and Fine Arts.  I graduated high school and started university in Timisoara. I studied Graphical Design at the “West University” of Arts and Design but abandoned in the second year because of economic reasons.  Being a person that had always believed in destiny, I felt deceived not being able to finish my art studies and do what I believed I was destined for. I felt mad with myself for believing in what was not possible, I was extremely disappointed, so I stopped. I stopped painting, and threw away my tools and creations I had, and started “a new life”, without art.  I moved to Italy and begin working at a farm in Montalcino, Tuscany.  I met my partner and became a mother. I had and have a loving family and everything anybody could dream for, but despite all I did not felt complete, something was missing. Deep down in my heart, I knew exactly what. 

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