Determinative behavior

Size :68,5 X 88 X 3 cm

Medium: Mixed media

Material: Paper

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Simona Stanciu
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Determinative behavior

My paintings show human beings, women who instinctively and freely flow, dynamic and visionary shapes like spirits, capturing not only their corporeality and feminine beauty but also the emotion and the character, the psyche. I represent this concept of soul in relation to the body, a representation of contrast: matter-spirit. The painting invites to reflect on being and on the body-mind bond, but also on the woman figure and feminism, given the subjects represented. The technique used in these paintings is mainly action painting, a "dripping art" procedure inspired by the Jackson Pollock method, but instead of totally abstract and informal result, it has a strong figurative characteristic. The color, ink in this case, is spontaneously splashed and drained over the surface of the painting. Initially the work is born by chance and instinctively, to then take a more defined shape, remaining vague and abstract human figures like memories emerging from the unconscious, yet precise and categorical. None of these paintings has a draw or sketch previously done, but are all results of the momently inspiration, accident and vision.