Sofiya Kruglikova

russian emerging artist         emerging artist from Slovenia


I am an illustrator and animator based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I was born in Russia in Yaroslavl. There in Russia, I started to learn academic drawing. I left Russia at the age of 17 for Slovenia. At the age of 19, I had my first personal exhibition of my paintings in Ljubljana. 

I believe everybody can learn how to draw. My favorite techniques are pencil and marker on paper, mostly the works are pretty dark and monochrome with many details. My goal in the illustration is to build a proper atmosphere in drawing. I am drawing because I imagine a world without limitation of what should be possible, like Alice in wonderland. Simultaneously striving for perfection and a keen eye for detail. I love drawing because it allows me to visit places in my mind and make them real. The main topics of my drawings are a reality that is mixed with mythology, dreams, nightmares, imagination.

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