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I grew up in a small village, where I couldn't find my place. I've always been a little eccentric. That's why I went far from home to a city to an art school where I studied fashion design. I didn't feel the best in that community either, but I enjoyed my study.
It can be said about me that I create quickly. I don't like making a painting for months.I also make my collages out of instinct. Maybe the most representative word for me is an instinct in my works. I feel my works. These are a part of me.







I basically consider myself a non-figurative artist. Before I paint, a picture is born in my head. A color combination or color ratio. In general, the main role is color. I have to just like color and that's why I start painting. Of course, I like several genres. I have lots of ideas about what I should paint. I also have figurative works and they will be. So I'm not there yet to create in a single style. I usually made non-figurative paintings but the genre of collage I'm in love with. I prefer traditional collage making. The digital collage or montage making is too plastic for me. In my abstract paintings, I am preoccupied with shapes and colors.While in my collages I like to associate with society. And in general, my figurative paintings associate me.


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After that, I went far again from this school to university. There I studied at the painting department and also I won a scholarship so I could go to Cluj-Napoca to the University of Art and Design, Painting Department. I got friends there and also love. Now I started teaching drawing at an elementary school.


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