Body Dimension

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Size: 89,5 x71 X3 cm

Medium: Mixed Media

Material: Paper

Get to know the artist:
Simona Stanciu
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Simona has always felt connected to art in some way and decided to become an artist. Through her art, she is able to express her feelings and transform emotions. our life and reality are shaped by the feelings and our emotions. Simona knew that her passion to create could not be resisted and continuously works to improve and develop herself. Get to know Simona more here.




  • Awareness

    Simona Stanciu | Paintings

    540 € with VAT 450 € without VAT

  • Blue Being

    Simona Stanciu | Paintings


  • Psychological

    Simona Stanciu | Paintings

    540 € with VAT 450 € without VAT

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