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Size : 50x60 cm

Medium: Acryl

Material: Canvas

Get to know the artist:
Juraj Baláž
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About artist

Born in Shina in 1980, Juraj describes himself as a loner who was abandoned by his parents. His poor eyesight prevented him from learning to paint. But when coming to Maják, he finally found a place to think, relax, and be with himself. A self-aware resident, he can't help but describe in detail how his deteriorating tunnel vision and auditory impairment hindered him to always seek help from outside. He prefers using sign language to communicate, despite his frequent struggle to understand it.

Despite his emotionally explosive and stubborn nature, he is a caring, protective and charitable person. He can often be found helping others walk, play or eat, and donating artworks which he made. His favourite hobbies include watching action movies and sports, especially football. Despite his auditory impairment, he has music in him and can be frequently found dancing around to his own tune.

His caring, music-loving, and scholarly-curious personalities are expressed through his spiritual canvas works depicting his work with themes of nature and protective figures.

  • Firework

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  • Angel

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  • Dotted day II.

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